Welcome to [999RP].
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Anonymous supposed,
❝is this still an active blog?❞

No, sorry! 

But we still have our RP blogs. They’re all indie though! :)

seven is now open.

Anonymous supposed,
❝Hi! Is Ennea still open? If so, can I have her?❞

Yes! Sorry, for some reason the message notifications don’t work on this account. >_> 

Please send us an ask when you set up her account! I’ll keep an eye on the inbox~

Clover is now open.

999-clover supposed,
❝I'd like to drop Clover. I don't have much time to RP and I'm not feeling the vibe anymore...❞

Alrighty. We’ll miss you! It’s been a pleasure. :)

schnozzberrytart supposed,
❝So! I know I've been RPing with Purtail a bit on a side account, and I'm thinking that perhaps I may want to migrate to an actual legit RP now that I know this character a bit more? She's an OC named Clara Farner and is a journalist keenly interested in digging up what exactly the Nonary game was all about. If you'd like I can create further ties (sister to someone who participated in an earlier game, for example). The tumblr's name is ninehundredninetynineblues c:❞

Sure! :D 

It would be appreciated if you could connect Clara with another character somehow. :) Other than that, you’re in!

theycalledherjune supposed,
❝June here! c:❞

Excellent! Everyone follow June! :D